NBA: Multi Faceted – The Crazy Hidden Talents of NBA Players

The NBA has one of the finest collection of athletes in the world. These athletes run fast, jump high, make slick moves and create some of the most astonishing highlights and memorable moments in the world of sports. The astronomical number of hours spent in a basketball court helps these players achieve and refine their skills. However, there are some NBA players who are unbelievably talented in other fields as well. Let’s take a look at sic such players and their amazing non basketball skills.

#1. Victor Oladipo

When he was drafted, Oladipo was mainly known for his athleticism and hustle on both ends of the court. However, he has worked towards improving every facet of his game and has now become one of the best guards in the Eastern Conference. His off-court talent is singing. His sisters hated his singing while growing up because he would sing just about everywhere. In the living room, in the shower, Oladipo would burst out into a song. Whenever he had free time from basketball, Oladipo sang. He has rehearsed christmas carols at a children’s hospital and has also done some singing in live concerts.

#2. Rajon Rondo

Rondo is a beast at Connect4. He has taken on coaches, kids  friends, teammates and has beaten every one of them. Rondo’s sister said that if someone gets lucky and beats Rondo once, he will beat that person again five straight times to prove who is the boss of Connect4. Rondo’s coaches have hailed him as a basketball genius and they have said that he has a photogenic memory. He has also kept up with his Mathematics skills and he taught high school Algebra at a Massachusetts school for some time.

#3. Stephen Curry

Two time NBA MVP Steph Curry has some impressive skills on the golf course. His father, Dell Curry introduced him to the sport at the age of eight. He played golf for his high school team and was the top ranked golfer over there. Dell Curry said that if Steph Curry had a golf coach since high school and he practised it as much as he does basketball, he would be a professional golfer. ranks him as the 14th best non golfer pro athlete in the world.

#4. Gordon Hayward

Boston Celtics star Gordon Hayward is an avid video gamer. As a kid, he would play countless hours on his Nintendo 64 with Zelda and Mario Bros being his favourite games. Everything changed for Hayward when the first Xbox dropped and Xbox Live came out. He was a member of one of the best clans in the world for the game Unreal Championship. Large portions of his free time were spent in his basement playing Halo and he also played in a bunch of local Halo tournaments. In an interview, he confessed that preferred gaming over going to school dances with a pretty girl. His parents had to shut the internet off at 10:30 PM every night or Hayward wouldn’t go to bed. He famously used to play FIFA with his Utah Jazz teammates Dante Exum and Joe Ingles on a regular basis.

#5. Jeremy Evans

Evans unveiled his off the court skill to the NBA fans during the 2013 dunk contest where he jumped over a covered up painting. After finishing the dunk, he unveiled the painting which featured Evans dunking over a painting. Evans worked for a week and a half over that painting and donated it to charity later. The skilled painter has a very cool collection of his own work. He has a cherished painting of a lion, an airbrushed painting of rapper 2Pac and a pastel drawing of Michael Jordan. Evans has been drawing since he was 4 years old, and has been working quietly towards becoming better. He also has an interest in playing the guitar and wood carving.

#6. Pau Gasol

Two time NBA champion and one of the greatest big men in NBA history, Gasol wasn’t initially interested in making it in the NBA. His parents said that he wanted to be doctor and find a cure for AIDS when he heard that Magic Johnson was retiring from basketball after being diagnosed HIV positive. He even went to Medical School at the University of Barcelona but dropped out when his basketball career started to take off. Aside from medicine, Pau Gasol also speaks English, Spanish, Catalan, French and Italian fluently. He is also a skilled pianist who can perform French classical compositions.

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