Tennis: Boris Becker Criticizes Young Tennis Players for Failing to Beat Federer, Nadal and Djokovic

Roger Federer (20), Rafael Nadal (18) and Novak Djokovic (15) have amassed a total of 53 Grand Slam titles among themselves. Coincidentally, these players belong to the same era of tennis so to say that they have dominated the sport is a massive understatement.

Since 2005, only Andy Murray, Stan Wawrinka, Marin Cilic and Juan Martin del Potro (who are now above 30) have managed to beat the aforementioned trio in Grand Slams. Federer is 37, Nadal is 33 and Djokovic is 32. Federer is defying age to still be competitive and the other two are about to enter the latter stages of their careers. Yet, no young player has shown any signs of dethroning these legends anytime soon.

Six time Grand Slam champion Boris Becker is very unhappy with this situation. In a lengthy rant, Becker said: “I was just reading a stat from a colleague that no active player under 28 apart from Thiem has been in a Grand Slam final. That is not good. That is not a compliment for anybody under 28.

And don’t give me that the others are too good. We should question the quality and the attitude of everybody under 28.

It just doesn’t make sense. As much as I respect Roger, Rafa, Novak – who else? Show up. Give me something I want to talk about.

Eventually they will be too old. But you want to see the passing of the torch while they are still in their prime, you want to see Stefanos [Tsitsipas] and Dominic [Thiem] beating them when they are still very, very good.

It’s not the forehands. It’s not the fitness. It’s a certain mentality, mindset, attitude that makes the difference between winning and losing.”

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