Some Unconventional Things to Do in Kolkata

The City of Joy, Kolkata, is a warm place that caters to its guests quite well. This city has a lot to offer to both the tourists and the residents. From the exotic food to the majestic architecture, Kolkata surely knows how to win the hearts of the people. From football fans to classical singers to posh businessmen, every person will get something to cherish in Kolkata and would love to stay on or revisit. Thus, if you happen to stay in Kolkata or visit Kolkata, take a look at these unconventional things that will keep you elated and satisfied.

Some Unconventional Things to Do in Kolkata

Boat Ride on the Hooghly River:

Plenty of people love to go on a cruise and enjoy the breathtaking view of the blue waters surrounding them. An, we are aware of the fact that this is not a pocket-friendly option. If you happen to belong to the category of people who still think a boat ride is more romantic than sailing on a modern day cruise, Kolkata will not disappoint you. There are several boats available at Princep Ghat in Kolkata. At a rate of around INR 500 per hour, you will be able to explore the serenity of the waters in the medieval manner and experience romance in a whole new way. And, don’t forget to use your negotiating skills to ensure a pocket-friendly boat ride.

Driving Down Dalhousie at Midnight:

Long drives are always fun and adventurous. The beauty of the roads, the breeze blowing on your face, the roadside food stalls, – all add up to a wonderful experience. However, your busy lives may not always allow you to leave the premises of the city and drive down unexplored lanes. So, how about a drive around the city that feels equally good? If you have not tried that before, you must visit the Dalhousie area at midnight. Driving down the wide roads constructed during the British era will give you the feel of how sophisticated Kolkata was even in the olden days. The awe-inspiring architecture highlighted by the slanting rays of the modern lighting gives you a thrill like never before. And, if it happens to be a full moon night, you are in for a double surprise!

Treasure Hunting at South Park Street Cemetery:

Is there anyone who would say no to a speck of adventure? If you want to know what it feels like to be a detective and work with your partner, visiting the South Park Cemetery during their treasure hunting event is mandatory. At a nominal entry fee, you will be able to work in a team, work out the clues, and find the treasure that will lead you to victory. In this process, you will also get exposed to some of the great people who lay there and become aware of the history of the city. For details, you should contact the authorities as they are the ones who will be able to tell you more about the treasure hunt.

Witnessing the Sunset from the Kolkata Gate:

kolkata biswa bangla gate

The Biswa Bangla Gate or the Kolkata Gate is a whole new addition to commemorate the grandeur that Kolkata beholds. Built on the central point of the upcoming smart city New Town, Biswal Bangla Gate has succeeded in luring tourists from everywhere. Purchasing a ticket at INR 50, you will get the freedom of exploring the interiors for 45 minutes. It is recommended that you visit this spot at sunset as you will not only get to witness the colours dancing against the distant horizon but also get to see artificial lights decorating the entire location. And, in case you are bored sitting, sip a cup of steaming coffee and enjoy delicious snacks at nominal rates.

Exploring the Street Food at Dacres Lane:

The City of Joy is well-known for its food culture. This city not just specializes in Bengali food but brings the best out of every Indian state and the world as well and reflects the same on plates. While there are plenty of posh and pocket-friendly restaurants to tingle your taste buds, there are several street food joints that will blow your mind away because of the equally good taste of food. And, one such gem in the City of Joy is Dacres Lane. From shakes and juices to typical Indian, Chinese, and Continental cuisines, almost every delicacy is available at this location. Plus, the pricing is way too cheap and the food quality is good enough. Hence, if you are a foodie, missing out on the delicacies offered at Dacres Lane is out of the question.

As you can perceive, there are several interesting and unconventional things that you can do while in Kolkata. This city has much more in store for you that cannot be jotted down in a single piece of writing. However, this top unconventional things coming from the City of Joy will surely make you fall in love with Kolkata. Happy exploring!

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