Visiting Goa? Don’t Miss Out the Chapora Fort?

There are stories that are yet untold. There are trails that are yet unexplored. There are sights that are yet unseen. And, there is a history that is yet revealed. There are many people who crave for such beauties and seek for the hidden truth at every turn they take. Be it a broken pocket-watch hanging at an antique store or an unmarked street long enough to hide the distant horizon, there is a story associated with everything. If you are a travel freak looking forward to visiting new places in search of interesting tales from the past, have you considered visiting the Chapora Fort Goa?     In case you have not heard of this fort before, it is time to learn more about this fantastic place.

Chapora Fort Goa – Know the History:

Imagine visiting a place that echoes the tales of love. Imagine visiting a place that echoes the first cry of a newborn baby. Imagine visiting a place that echoes the valour of the lost men in battle. If you can imagine these, you can definitely imagine your visit to Chapora Fort Goa. This fort has a rich history that dates back to the middle ages. Being a prime location in Bardez, Chapora Fort Goa derives its name from its advantageous location of being constructed by the Chapora River. This enabled good waterway and land routes that helped the rulers to flourish in terms of trade. Because of the advantages, Chapora Fort has always been a source of attraction and rulers have fought with each other to get control of this fortified area, the most deadly ones being the Marathas and the Portuguese. Though not every detail is known regarding the initial construction, the present fortification was constructed in 1717 and the older construction was broken down at that time. Even today, Chapora Fort Goa stands at a prominent location as a witness to important events from the past.

Visiting Guidelines:

Chapora Fort is not just a brilliant place for the lovers of history but also for the photography fanatics. Standing atop the highlands by the Chapora River, the fort offers breathtaking views of its surroundings. It is open from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm for the tourists on all days of the year and entry is free of cost. If you are not a local, it is recommended that you visit Goa during the winter months to avoid the scorching heat. And, when it comes to visiting the fort, it will take you at least 2 hours to explore the huge place. So, you should visit Chapora Fort Goa during the late afternoons and stay on till twilight to enjoy the breathtaking view of the sunset.

Things to Keep in Mind:

Chapora Fort is spread over a large area. Visiting the nook and corners of the fort requires a lot of walking and, hence, you must wear comfortable shoes. Carrying a bottle of water is a must as walking around will drive you thirsty. Make sure you have applied sunscreen. Also, wear hats, caps, and sunglasses to beat the heat.

Overall, Chapora Fort is the fortification that has been carrying rich history over the years. The influence of the great powers displayed on its architecture combined with the jaw-dropping natural surroundings is the foremost reason that has made this fort popular. The popularity has not just been constrained to the eyes of the tourists because this is the same fort that has boosted the Bollywood movie, “Dil Chahta Hai” in the past decade. Hence, if you still have not visited the Chapora Fort, it is high time you start planning your next trip.  

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